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How to prepare for interviewing helpers

If you are looking for domestic help on Vivastreet or a cleaner in London, the chances are you will get plenty of candidates applying; these jobs are very sought after. The difficulty for you is going to be in assessing the job-seekers, to determine who is right to become your cleaner in the Uk. This person will be an integral part of your family life, so it is crucial you feel 100% sure about your selection.

Options for interview are to conduct it via Skype, to meet in your home or in a public place: Whatever you choose, make sure there will are no interruptions and allow yourself enough time to get to know each candidate. Have a checklist to hand, and either an iPad or pen and paper so that you can take notes. Key questions on the checklist should cover skills, experience, current pay and salary expectations. If you expect your cleaner to double up as a childminder and/or cook then you need to make this clear, and also to ascertain their suitability in these areas. If they are leaving a current employer, you need to know why. 

A good question to ask is whether your prospective cleaner likes to work on their own initiative, or prefers set instructions. This could save a lot of confusion once employment has commenced. Do get an idea of their background, marital status and home life, as these are all factors which will affect their settling into the role.

Do not neglect to clearly indicate the working hours, days off, and whether or not you will offer holiday pay, bonuses or health insurance. It is always a courtesy to ask the applicant if they have any questions for you. If you find someone you are instinctively very keen on, you can always ask them to let you know if they receive any other offers. That way, you can always re-negotiate the terms in order to secure their services.

Above all, trust your gut instincts. You’ll probably know, deep down, if you’re going to hire someone or not within the first five minutes of meeting them.

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