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How to Put a Nervous Client at Ease

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How to Put a Nervous Client at Ease

People hire escorts for all sorts of reasons. Some are seeking the type of companionship they lack in their marriage. Some want to spend time with a woman without the ties of a relationship, and some are looking to build confidence with women before dating.
Whatever the reason, any client can be nervous about spending time with you – which is quite flattering when you really think about it!
To make your appointment go smoothly and increase the chances of securing a follow-up booking, it’s important to help a client relax and feel at ease. It isn’t always easy, but it’s a skill that makes a good escort a successful, wealthy one.

Here are some top tips to help you do just that:

  • Be clear in your ad or your contact with a client about their expectations, and yours, before you meet.
  • Give them the opportunity to ask you any questions and explain how they’d like to spend time with you. Nervous clients sometimes have trouble asking for these things face to face, so talking by email will help get any awkwardness out of the way before you meet.
  • If they really need pointers, redirect them to our blogs on etiquette when hiring escorts, to prevent them from tying up your time with questions; do your best to help them feel comfortable without taking full responsibility for their experience.
  • Always arrive on time and be immaculately turned out. Dress as though you’re meeting him for a romantic date; dressing in a sexy or provocative way can be intimidating to the shy guy.
  • Smile and keep your body language relaxed. If you meet somewhere public, encourage him to sit down so you can have a conversation and break the ice. You might be nervous yourself, but try not to show it by fidgeting or fiddling with anything.
  • Have a list of safe topics you can talk about. Don’t ask about his work or private life, politics or religion, but do talk about universal subjects like sports, current events, music or movies. Don’t dominate conversation and listen carefully when he speaks. A good escort is always attentive.
  • Remember that this is all about his pleasure, and if that involves spoiling you, then enjoy it! Don’t feel obligated to do or behave in a way you think he might like. Make it clear that you’re open to suggestions and take your lead from him.
  • When he speaks, maintain eye contact and use simple, non-sexual touches on his forearm or shoulder to break down physical barriers.
  • If you are in a hotel room or private place, invite him to take off his shoes or tie.
  • Some clients may come to you after a stressful day and need some help to unwind, so offer them a massage.
  • Don’t be tempted to help a client relax by offering them drinks. Let them order drinks by all means, but you should keep a clear head and if you order alcohol for them and not yourself, it could be misinterpreted as you trying to cloud their judgement.
  • If it takes them a while to relax, suggest extending your appointment or booking a follow up meeting so that the pressure of the ticking clock is taken away.

All of these things will help any client relax, but if you have some other tips or suggestions we’d love to hear them!
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