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How to store winter clothes

Transition seasons provide a chance to rediscover activities you may not have enjoyed for months, as well as clothing you haven’t seen for what feels like forever. As fun as this may be, this also brings up the problem of where to put everything that you don’t need for another six months or so.

Clean clothes first

To avoid oxidation, clothing needs to be cleaned so that stains won’t progress into holes. Clean clothing also prevents moths and other insects becoming attracted to the clothes whilst they are packed away.

Fold jumpers, hang leather and plastic

Fold anything that could become stretched and out of shape thanks to hanging it, and place tissue paper between layers to avoid permanent creasing. Any leather or plastic items should either be hung or lay flat so that they do not become creased.

Make use of all available space

Clothing can fit inside suitcases, storage boxes and even bed frames as long as it is neatly packed in garment bags or boxes to stop it becoming damaged. If you look around the home you may be surprised at how much unused, out-of-the-way space there is available. If you have the space, a spare wardrobe can be helpful for maintaining the look of clothing that isn’t currently being worn.

Rent out a storage space

If you really don’t have room in your home, a stress-free solution could be to check here for a small storage space that you can rent for as long as you need. This would allow you to pack up all of your winter clothing, coats, shoes and even furniture that you don’t require in the summer and keep your home uncluttered and tidy. If you keep the space in the long term it could be then used in winter to store your summer clothing and other items.

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