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Important Things to Consider Before Becoming an Escort

[emc2pdc id=”279″] Things to Consider Before Becoming an Escort
You can read our practical guide on becoming an escort here.
But aside from knowing how to get started, you might have other, important questions about your privacy, the services you should offer or the impact this profession can have not only on you, but on your family and friends too.
Here’s a few important things to consider before making a start:

What do I tell my family and friends?

It’s fair to say that you need to have quite a liberal attitude to life, to the quirks and preferences of others if you’re planning on becoming an escort.
But don’t assume that your circle of friends or society in general will be as open-minded as you are.
The very word ‘escort’ is often confused with ‘prostitute’, but the two are very different.
As an escort, you are merely exchanging your time and companionship with people who pay you for the pleasure.
Physical intimacy may well be included in that time but, unlike prostitutes who only exchange sex for money, it is not mandatory.
Although you understand the difference between the two, do you have time to explain this properly to your nearest and dearest, and will they understand if you do?
The preconceptions about escorting can be heavily entrenched in some peoples’ minds and are difficult to overcome.
For that reason, most escorts keep their profession very private.
A good way to maintain your anonymity and protect your loved ones from being worried or judgemental about your choices, is to only meet clients who don’t live in your neighbourhood, to blur your face or any identifying features in your profile photos or description, and to be discreet when spending your earnings.

Do I need to have sex with my clients?

No! Plenty of successful escorts offer companionship only.
However, it’s very likely that you’ll be propositioned for it.
Whether you’re willing to engage in sexual activities will define, in part, your success as an escort.
If a client books you for a corporate event, they may like to know that the evening has the potential to progress to physical intimacy, even if it doesn’t actually happen.
This flexibility is what makes escorts so appealing, especially to those whose lifestyles deny them the opportunity for intimacy – they will want to know whether this option is on the table.
If you do decide to engage in sexual activities, you should only ever involve yourself in something you’re comfortable with and always respect the health of yourself (and your client) by practicing safe sex.
It’s also strongly advised that you have regular check-ups at your local sexual health clinic.

How will it affect me emotionally?

This will depend on you and your mind-set.
Every escort is different and the emotional response to the job will be too.
For most, the satisfaction of earning good money while enjoying no-strings encounters is extremely gratifying, but negative emotions can crop up too.
One of the biggest pitfalls is falling in love with a client, but again, this can be managed if you’re clear on your own expectations when you set out.
Protect yourself by remembering that if your client was looking for commitment, he’d go to a dating agency – not an escort provider.
It’s important to be honest with yourself before you start out, about what you’re comfortable with.
If you later realise that you’ve offered a service that leaves you feeling used or unsatisfied, try to put those feelings down to experience, learn from them, and rethink what services you can happily offer as an escort.
Keeping your escort work private can also be isolating and make you feel lonely; make sure you invest lots of time in your friendships and hobbies outside of work.
The good news is that when you work for yourself, there’s no contract and no expectation of you to do anything. If you decide you don’t like it – quit.

Where should I do business?

You’re more likely to find an abundance of clients if you live in a city and particularly if you live near an airport, but be wary of operating too close to, or indeed inside your own home.
Imagine browsing around the city centre shops with a parent, partner or child – and bumping into a client you were cosied up to the night before: awkward!
Still many escorts operate inside their own towns and enjoy great success.
If you see clients locally, make sure they understand the rules on what to do if they see you outside business hours, which should be absolutely nothing.
Generally, a client will expect you to offer ‘in-call’ or ‘out-call’ visits.
An in-call is when they visit you at a place of your choosing. For safety, it’s always wise to use a hotel.
An out-call is where the client decides the meeting place. If you incur travel expenses getting there, make sure you charge your client for it.

Is it ok to accept gifts from clients?

Of course.
Getting gifts is one of the perks of the job and successful escorts may even give their clients a wish list of things they’d like.
The only time you should refuse a gift is when you’re asked to carry it without opening it; you don’t want to get landed with an illegal package, or when a client is offering it to you instead of your actual fee.
Gifts are like tips (you can accept those too!) they are a bonus, not a substitute for a wage.

Does being an escort make me self-employed?

Yes, and this can raise questions about tax and VAT registration.
This is where working as an escort can get a little complicated. If you want to officially register yourself as self-employed with HMRC then get yourself a good (and liberal) accountant first.

What do I do if a client gets nasty?

There are all sorts of different reasons why a client might become aggressive and not a single one of them is ever acceptable.
To avoid aggressive clients, screen them carefully before confirming a booking, arrange meetings in a public place or where you could at least be heard if you needed to yell for help (like a hotel room), and always let someone you can trust know where you are.
Don’t drink or take drugs which can affect your judgement and make you vulnerable.
Stay in shape – being physically fit will help to ward off unwanted advances as would some self-defence classes.
Your body is your business, invest time and money in keeping it safe from harm.

Time to get started …

If you’ve got your mind set on this profession, then there’s no better place to get started than to read our guide on becoming an escort.

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