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Why Independent Escorts Choose not to use an Agency

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When you work as a British escort there are two main ways to secure clients and make a living; you can either work for an agency or become self-employed and work independently.

Each has its advantages. With an agency, you could get the benefit of someone else handling your appointments for you, screening your clients or helping with the costs of professional photography and ad writing.

For these benefits you usually pay a fee or a percentage of your earnings and costs vary from one agency to another.

When you go it alone, you take full responsibility for advertising your services, managing your bookings and taking care of your safety but all the money you make is yours for keeps.

In this regard, working independently is often the most profitable way to make a living and this applies equally to both male and female escorts.

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One male escort, Josh Brandon, has recently been making headlines as the man offering independent escort services to wealthy clients who are handing over substantial sums of money to enjoy his company, making him the UK’s highest paid escort.

Since starting work as an independent gay escort three years ago, Josh has earned pots of money and quite smartly, invested some of his earnings in other businesses to keep the cash rolling in.

He was crowned as the “Male Sex Worker of the Year” at the industry’s Erotic Awards in 2011 and since then, has set up several online businesses, opened a cocktail bar in Chelsea and is about to release his first book. He charges £200 – £250 per hour and £3500 – £5000 for a whole weekend.

What makes him so successful? Well, being his own boss certainly helps. Apart from having control over his bookings and fees, he has the freedom to be creative with his service; he offers a discount to students and rewards his regulars with VIP cards, “kind of like Starbucks.”

Similarly, female escort Rebecca has also been talking openly about how easy she found it to set up her own business and work independently to become a high-earning escort.

With little or no experience of the adult industry beyond working as a ‘glamour model and a dancer,’ Rebecca had secured a mortgage within just three months of taking her first booking, with a bank who told her they “never had a problem with girls in [her] profession.”

Of course, not everyone who becomes an independent escort can expect to earn the big bucks; it takes a lot of time and effort to be truly financially successful.

When you go solo, you need to handle all of your own marketing, write and promote your ad, screen clients, take responsibility for your safety and manage your finances as well as learn how to be a great companion.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to become an independent UK escort then you can find loads of tips on how to manage all those things right here in the Vivastreet After Dark adult blog and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch and ask!

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