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You Know You Are An Escort When….

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We came across some amusing and interesting topics on several forums we browsed, as well as we asked our users on surveys and collected some of the best responses by people working in the adult industry. These are so funny, we simply had to share them with you. And for your entertainment we have found and included some enjoyable photos!


You Know You Are An Escort When…

… you can’t remember when you last used a cash machine.

Vivastreet You know you are an escort when

… you go to the hair dressers and tell yourself “say blowDRY!”

Something About Mary1

… you know the best sex toys/lube/condoms on the market.


… you buy condoms in bulk when they are on sale.


  … you can’t remember the last time you went out for dinner and had to pay for it


… you pay for everything in cash.

Cash in bag1

… there is hardly anything about sex that surprises you.


… you think of underwear as a business investment

Vivastreet Blog - You know you are an escort when

… you can’t look at a price tag without converting it to working hours.

celine bag

… you find regular dates weird, as they don’t have a time limit.

Bad Date

… £50 notes are not that exciting.

Pile of British bank notes.

… you have a favourite brand of baby wipes, but no baby.


… you have more money in your bed room then in your bank account.


… you watch Pretty Woman and wonder if it was made by Disney.


… treating yourself means having garlic bread.


… taking a holiday meant that no make-up goes on, and no body hair comes off.

Hairy armpits

… on your day off you wear the biggest knickers you own!



… you’ve nodded or laughed at every one of these points and know that this list should be a LOT longer.

So make it! We love hearing from you so if there’s anything you’d like to add to this list, just stick it in the comments.

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