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What else can you do to make even more money this year?

Escorting pays well. No doubt. But it’s 2016 now, and you’re ambitious. So what ELSE can you do to make even more money this year?


webcam escort london

Camming really is a great ‘work from home’ opportunity. Escorts can cam in conjunction with their live person to person sessions in order to generate some more revenue. Sure, there might be the odd regular who wants to see you on cam whilst he is on holiday, but the real money comes from snaring a high paying ‘whale’ on cam. There are loads of sites you can join, and there’s even a Vivastreet webcam site you can use. Find out more about that here.

Phone Sex

Phone Sex

This can be a real money maker and escorts don’t even need to put clothes and slap on. You can do it from any location, at any time. The fantasy aspect of phone sex really means clients can get into the mind space of their deepest desires. The mind is the best sex organ we have, so when it is all in your mind, it can be so much sexier.



Smart working girls know access to their personal time is very valuable for the punters they look  after. Most girls charge extra for texting time and some charge even more to send naughty pics. There are even some services a WG can sign up to that charge the guy for access to your phone number. The lure here is that it at least appears as if the client is really involved with your personally, instead of just a standard sex worker/client relationship.

Which extra do you prefer? What makes you the most money? Let us know in the comments.

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