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New year, new resolutions: live a sporty life

January is already more than halfway through and, for many of us, the reality of our over-enthusiastic sporty New Year’s resolutions is sinking in. Running every day is not proving as much fun as we thought it might be and those trips to the gym are already tailing off.

One way that you can avoid that mid-January slump and keep your new, sporty life intact is to treat yourself to some new active wear, accessories and equipment. However, many of us have limited funds until the end of this post-Christmas financial month and sports gear can be expensive. One great way to afford that motivating sports kit is to buy sports gear second-hand online.

Many people are given new sports equipment for Christmas, which means that second-hand marketplaces are often flooded with hardly used but still up-to-date sports gear. If your morning run requires a new pair of running shoes to give it a bit of bounce or you’d like to incorporate a bike ride into your exercise regime, browse VivaStreet’s ads for bikes and sports equipment. Be warned though, with so many sports purchase options available, you might find yourself changing your resolution. You might be tempted by the exercise bike instead, which will keep you out of the winter rain, or you may find yourself engaging the services of a personal trainer to help you ensure that you do stick to your New Year’s resolution.

A second-hand sports purchase may be exactly what you need to boost your morale and keep you going through the winter months. Whatever your requirements, Viva Street offers an easy-to-use, localised, online selling service. Far more effective than traditional newspaper classified ads, VivaStreet is quick to browse and offers an eclectic range of sports purchase opportunities.

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