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New Year’s Eve Ideas




No plans for New Years yet? All dressed up with nowhere to go? If you have no ideas where to celebrate New Year’s Eve this year, then here are some cool ideas for you to pop into the New Year. From the wild to the tame, this list below has something for everyone – so get ready to start 2014 in style!


If you want to try something a bit different this New Year’s Eve, have a look for last-minute travel deals. You might want to go skiing for a couple of days, sun yourself in warmer holiday resorts, or shack up in some cottage up north and celebrate with the locals!

House party

Invite friends, colleagues and family for some treats at your place. Enjoy the close conversation, lots of laughs, sharing of reminiscences, all minus the crowds and strangers. Make it a potluck, where guests bring along a dish or two. Put some music and open up your wine cellar to your guests and go wild!


New Year’s Eve is the ultimate party night. Clubbers are spoilt for all the amazing events and parties going on. Whatever music you’re into. Invite some friends along and go club-hopping, but don’t forget to make sure that you are with your loved one when the clock strikes midnight.


Welcome the New Year with a backdrop of fabulous fireworks and beautiful city landmarks. But if standing out in the cold for hours isn’t your cup of tea, then there are some warmer options. Find a nice hotel which has a view of the city munching canapes and perched on a window seat overlooking fantastic fireworks explode up river.

Staying home   

We all know NYE never ends up the way you had imagined. The chances are that you’ll end up on the street, drunk and having McDonald’s at 5 in the morning. While some may think that it’s the only way forward, you might want to take a rain check. Nothing comes close to spending time with your family & friends. New Year eve is a good time to take it easy, so sit back, relax and enjoy each other’s company before you get busy next year.


Find out more NYE events or things to do on Vivastreet! Remember, midnight only strikes once! So, pick one from our list and have an awesome New Year eve and a wonderful New Year!



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