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7 Occasions Where an Escort Makes the Perfect Companion

Have an occasion to attend and no-one to go with?

Have an escort to take out and no event to go to?!

No problem, here are just 7 occasions where an escort makes an excellent companion:


No-one wants to go to a wedding – a haven for smoochy couples – on their own. It’s polite for the bride and groom to send out invites for you and a ‘plus one’ so take an escort along.

Weddings are one of those places where you run into old school friends or worse yet, exes who are all keen to brag about their personal successes. Turning up with a stunning woman on your arm is one way to just shut them up.

Just remember to have a little back-story which your escort will be happy to go along with; there’s always one nosy nanna who wants to know how you two lovebirds met…


No matter which British city you live in, there’s always a hot new restaurant that’s got the critics salivating. Why miss out just because you don’t have a significant other to take?

If you read the escort ads carefully, you’ll find plenty of interesting companions who have a love of fine dining and will make the perfect posh-nosh partner.

The Races

The horse racing calendar is packed with major events and meetings all year long. Don’t miss out on a hot tip or a slice of the action, book an attractive escort and take lady luck to the racecourse with you.

Dance Classes

It’s scientifically proven that women love a man who can dance. Honest.

There’s something really appealing about a man with moves, but you need a partner to learn them and for that, an escort is perfect.

Not only will she help you tackle the tango or master the seductive salsa, she won’t laugh or judge you too harshly for having two left feet to begin with.

Cocktail Party

There are few places as glamorous as a cocktail party. When you hire a beautiful, desirable escort, you’re guaranteed to be the talk of town for all the right reasons. Just be clear when you make your booking on the dress code.

Corporate Event

Corporate functions can be a little dull and there’s often an expectation that your significant other will accompany you and hang on every word your boss utters.

Take your time when looking for an escort for specific events like this to make sure that they’ll feel comfortable and able to blend in with the crowd.

Ask them!

The best escorts are a real mine of information about things to do and places to see in London or any other city.

Ask them where you should go and they’ll be able to reel off a list of cool, interesting or unusual places to visit that you won’t get from the local tourist board. Better yet, you get to explore them with a smart, funny and beautiful woman on your arm.

There are of course some occasions when it’s not ok to bring you escort along; your child’s parents’ evening, the family Christmas dinner or your poorly grandmother’s bedside, but for pretty much any other event, an escort makes the perfect companion.

For more information on booking escorts, just browse our guides in the Vivastreet adult blog or find someone you like and get in touch – easy!

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