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Our 1st Live Twitter Chat was Tweetastic!

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We hosted our first Twitter Chat on July 31st and are excited to finally share the insightful, humorous and honest tweets from our fabulous followers with you. Apologies for the delay, but it took us a while to collect the best tweets we had around this topic and hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

We would like to thank all you lovely folks who contributed and made our first Twitter talk one to remember!

We kicked off the live talks with Q1 and were immediately met with plenty of engagement. It is great to see how passionate we all are about the adult industry.

Q1 Vivatalks Tweet1

We received a good mix of responses for the first question.

For some of them it was a natural transition in life, while others were allured by their friends who opened up a whole new world for them. It was all pure curiosity and fascination!

Vivatalks tweets Pic 3 Vivatalks Pic 4

For the rest it opened new opportunities and experiences…

Vivatalks tweet pic 5

Vivatalks tweet 6

We raised Q2, because there is a misconception that escorts are not capable of working in any other industry or holding a more ‘respected’ job. Some of you might be surprised with the responses (But we were not!).

Q2 Vivatalks tweet

This conversation just reinstated the fact that escorts are smart and multitalended people who are in this industry out of choice and enjoy their work.

Tweet Vivatalks
vivatalks tweet pic 9

Some of them stated they are highly qualified.

This conversation managed to heat things up between Steve and Shiraz

Vivatalks tweet pic 10

Vivatalks tweet pic 11

It would actually be pretty cool if you worked for MI5 Steve… who knows, might be true 😉


Talking about Secret Services… most of the escorts are no less than a Secret Service Agent!

Even though in the UK escorting is legal, there is a lot of stigma around this type of work. To tell or not to tell… that is the question. We asked our followers if they choose to be open about it or not.

Especially for an independent escort it is good to have someone you can trust and rely on, someone who knows where you are at any given time and to have a shoulder to lean after a tough day.
Q3 Vivatalks tweets

Vivatalks tweet pic 13Vivatalks tweet pic 14tweet vivatalks 1

While some people fight this stereotype and stand up for their profession. It is harder for others to open up and approach their family and friends considering the way society judges this type of work.

Some people find telling their family and close friends helpful but choose to be discreet to the general public.

Vivatalks tweet pic 16Tweet Vivatalks 2

Vivatalks tweet pic 18

We all know there is a high demand for female escorts in the UK, but does that mean that the industry treats male/gay escorts differently? Let’s find out what our followers have to say.

Q4 Vivatalks tweet

Vivatalks tweet pic 20Vivatalks tweet pic 21Vivatalks tweet pic 22Vivatalks tweet pic 23

Excellent points raised by Zoe and Celian. They explain how the industry is built around the popular demand of female escorts and how it caters to the needs of the market.

What is escorting apart from sex? It could be about companionship, or just about having a good time, living your fantasy or simply pure sex. Or is it as one of our followers puts it ‘it plays a huge part; 8 inches to be precise’!

Q5 Vivatalks Tweet

Although it could be one of the main services they offer, there are some occasions where people would just like to experiment… or need a companion who can satisfy their fantasies.

Vivatalks tweet pic 25Vivatalks tweet pic 26

Alright Zoe, control yourself…

Vivatalks tweet pic 27

Vivatalks, coming to its climax!

Vivatalks tweet pic 28Vivatalks tweet pic 29Vivtalks tweet pic 30Vivtalks tweet pic 31

While some are looking to spend some longer time with an escort, see the value of companionship, others are in a rush and are fulfilled and gratified with a record time of 4 min!


This has been fun and we enjoyed all the responses and hope you did as well. We think it is good to come out and discuss as this is not the most exposed and accepted topic to talk openly about. It is important to us to make people aware of this industry….

If you would like to see more of the conversation from our lives Twitter chat or get involved with some of the general banter then head on over to Twitter and follow us @VivaAdult_UK.

You can continue to debate about escorting stereotypes using #vivatalks, or start a brand new conversation with our other followers. We are certain they are interested in what YOU have to say and are happy to give you an answer to your questions. So get involved!

Also, feel free to comment below the topics you would like to discuss and we can blog about it!
A BIG thank you to everyone who turned on their twitter mode on July 31st!

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