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The psychology of escorting and the roles we play

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Like any successful business, escorting works on supply and demand. And even though there are hundreds of escorts out there, the majority of us do make a good living.

The best can earn a LOT of money, and only have to work a couple of nights a week.

This business will never disappear – whilst there is money to be earned and men (and women) to visit, there will always be escorts. If successful you can make a very decent living, whether you choose to be part of an agency or to go independent.

Joining an agency is a popular ways to meet people and build up regulars. Agencies are a good option because they offer extra benefits such as drivers and protection, but then they also take a cut of your profits. As much as 50% for some agencies.

Of course once girls learn the business and have contacts, a large number of escorts like myself are independent and operate via the internet. It means we get to keep most of the cash we make for ourselves.


Being a successful escort that has lots of regular clients and contacts means that you have to advertise yourself correctly.

Some girls often offer unique or individual services that men would struggle to get in other places – from the basic adult message to hard-core S&M, and everything you can possibly imagine in-between.

Occasionally men just want a beautiful women to take to an event, or a pleasant companion for a tour of a new city. It’s not always totally about the sex.

Perhaps they see it as cheaper than supporting a “trophy wife”.

Different roles

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I get a wide variety of men coming to see me, and sometimes there are even escort couples. For some men the sex is not the only attraction, but many are definitely enticed by adding a no-strings woman into their life, even temporarily. And really, what’s wrong with that?

Whatever the client wants, I guarantee you will be able to find an escort that specialises in it.

Any real escort will tell you that sometimes we spend as much time talking as we do getting down to business. As an escort, you need to get used to playing different roles for your client, and I’m not just talking about sex.

Companion – a lot of clients will want to talk. I’ve heard so many men complain that their wives don’t listen to them anymore. If you perfect the art of listening and reassuring, you are well on your way to getting regulars and a steady source of income.

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Therapist – people feel like they can open up to escorts more, maybe it’s because you are being paid to listen. I’m not sure. But if you can couple backrubs with getting businessmen to talk about their problems at work, you can end up making a lot of money before you even get to the sex.

Partner – some guys will want to take you out to fancy restaurants and show you off, and some will just want to sit on the bed and talk. The classic GFE (Girlfriend Experience) is what many young men want, and this is mostly tame compared to some other options. Just make sure they don’t get too attached.

What’s role do you play with your clients? Leave comments below.

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