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Readers’ Stories: Embarrassing Moments in the Life of an Escort

Here at After Dark we do our best to make life easy for you; we give you tips and advice on everything from fashion to marketing your business to handling some of the tricky circumstances that are unique to escorts.

However, we have our limits. There are some things that we just cannot prepare you for, this profession throws up some utterly bizarre and random experiences and all we can do is make some sort of (unspellable) soothing noise and nod sympathetically.

And then share your experiences with our readers!

Thank you to the kind escorts who shared these embarrassing stories, you know who you are:

*All names have been changed to protect the mortified.

28 yr old Anna told us…

“When I was a kid I used to sleepwalk and thought I’d grown out of it. I discovered that actually I hadn’t on an all-night booking, when I woke up to face an unknown Irish chap draping his coat around my shoulders and telling me it was ‘OK’ in a hotel hallway. What the…?!

I had sleepwalked, naked, out of my client’s room and was knocking to get back in. BUT – although the room was in the right place, it was two floors beneath the one where my client was actually sleeping. I don’t know how it happened but asleep and starkers, I’d made it down two floors. God knows who else saw me!

Mr Irish gave me a pair of his shorts and a hoodie to wear and took me to reception but I didn’t know my client’s room number, I hadn’t paid attention on the way in and I didn’t know his last name either. At 4am, I was giving a physical description of a man called ‘John’ to a receptionist who looked utterly disgusted with me. Moral of the story? Always know the number of your client’s hotel room.”

Suzy, 24 said…

“I’d had a very energetic morning with a new client, a very thorough physical workout if you know what I mean, one of those sessions you need a bit of time to really shake off, but on this particular day I just didn’t have time, I had to get ready for a friend’s wedding. I arrived and there he was, dressed as an usher, with his wife who was the groom’s sister. Cringe!”

Dan, 27 confessed…

“Not all of my clients are gay, or at least not openly. I was with a guy in his bedroom and suddenly he goes stiff (in a bad way) and pale. Apparently his wife was home and was coming up the stairs and he actually made me hide in the wardrobe, a wardrobe which after about ten minutes, she opened.

I’m still not sure that I’m even over it. I’m pretty certain him and his wife aren’t…”

Have you had an excruciatingly embarrassing experience you’d like to share? We would LOVE to hear it so feel free to offload in our comments box! You can find other escorting stories and advice for dealing with some of the more ‘normal’ situations right here in the After Dark adult blog.

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