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Recycle Your Bicycle


Green life has become a common expression nowadays. Bicycle is not only one of the most environmental means to get around, but its parts can be turned into brand new products that make the bikes even more eco-chic. Cyclists take things one step further and not only decrease their carbon footprint, but also limit what’s headed to our landfill. When some parts of your ride are no longer fit for riding, they can be transformed into something else pretty easily. Here are some easy and some not so easy ways of transforming your old bicycles into something useful.

# 1 Turn the bike frames and the saddles to a bench

Source: Artlet Art Lite http://goo.gl/RpnOxn


#2  Recycle the bike frame and turn it into a clock

Source: Thereads http://goo.gl/ox36Yp

Bike Wheel Clock

#3 Candle holders made by bike chains

Source: Hipcycle http://goo.gl/ck1sqD

Candle Holders

#4 Colour key chains made by bike chains 

Source: TheHippieSpot

Key Chains

#5 Creative way to store your cooking pots and pans 

Source: Bukisa  


#6 Turn your bike rim into a coffee table

Source: Retrash


#7 Bicycle-chain-delier

Source: Bikeminded.org


#8 A bike chain bracelet for both men and women

Source: Diystudio 


#9 Photo holder made by a bike rim

Sources: Recyclelovers


#10 Upcycled bicycle wind

Source: Whimseybox 

Bike-Chimes 2


Watch this space for more upcycling ideas. Feel free to drop a comment below, we’d love to hear from you. If we managed to tickle your imagination then please check out our bike section and see what you can find.

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