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Show Your Support for National Ugly Mugs and Win a Top Notch Promotion Package on Vivastreet

Show Your Support for National Ugly Mugs and Win a Top Notch Promotion Package on Vivastreet

Fancy making your ad stand out from the crowd? Then get involved with our fundraising campaign for National Ugly Mugs and win a top notch promotional package!

At Vivastreet, we take your safety seriously. We work with Action Fraud to help report and prevent internet crime and you’ll find lots of practical tips in our adult blog on how to work as an escort safely.

As an escort or masseuse, you’re likely to work one-to-one with clients you meet online and because you do, you are likely to attract unsavoury types and be more vulnerable to theft or violent crime than someone in a ‘regular’ job.

But, just because it happens it doesn’t mean it has to be tolerated and that’s why we’re lending our support to the National Ugly Mugs (NUM) Scheme.

NUM was launched in 2012 to give anyone who works in the adult industries the opportunity to report clients who are threatening or dangerous.

The service collates any information about offenders, including their mobile phone number and a physical description and sends alerts out to all of its members via text or email for free.  They also feed anonymous intelligence to police if, and only if, the victim gives consent to do so.

The overall aim is to help keep sex workers safe and support them if they choose to report to the police to help the police to secure convictions.

The service was funded as a pilot scheme by the Home Office for one year and in that time 296 incidents were reported including sexual assaults, rapes, violence and fraud.

Unfortunately, like many great services, government cuts and economic difficulties mean that NUM is not getting the amount of funding it needs to keep running and while they explore other sustainable funding sources they need support from you to keep their fantastic service in operation.

How does it work

Step 1: Click here to place the bid. You can bid £5, £10, £20 … £100 or any amount that you wish to donate. Please keep in mind that you will not be donating at this point. You will only tell us how much you wish to donate. Don’t be shy to dig deep!

Step 2: We will collect all the bids and identify the highest bidders in our twelve regions across the country.  All the 12 highest bidders will be contacted and asked to make the donation online through Just Giving  which will go directly to National Ugly Mugs scheme.

Step 3: Send us the confirmation/receipt  of your donation and we will do the rest.  See below what you’ll be winning. 

How to get involved

All you need to do is, Click here to place the bid. You will not be donating this instant, you will only tell us how much you’d be willing to donate. Simple!

If you’re the highest bidder, we’ll let you know that you’ve won and ask you to submit your generous donation online through Just Giving. And, because we’re committed to the safety of anyone who uses the Vivastreet adult services, we will match the total amount raised to the value of £500!

What will you win

The highest bidders in twelve regions across the country will be awarded with a top notch promotions package. This will raise your escort profile by making your ad stand out from the thousands already listed on Vivastreet and make it more visible to clients.

– Top of the range package on Vivastreet. Includes, 30 days: feature, highlight, repost, VIP
– Mention on Vivastreet Blog
– Mention on Adult Vivastreet Twitter
– Featured in the newsletter
– And a great deal of satisfaction for contributing towards a noble cause.

Terms & Conditions

– Not applicable for “Change of location” plan.
– Valid only for 1 ad in Escorts & Massages category.
– If you’re the highest bidder, we’ll let you know that you’ve won and ask you to make your donation online through Just Giving. Please send us the confirmation/receipt of your donation at es@vivastreet.com. If we don’t receive the confirmation within 5 days after you’ve been contacted, your bid will be disqualified. In this case, the highest bid will be selected.

This could raise a significant sum of money for a really valuable service. Whether you work as an escort or a masseuse, everyone in any community benefits from tackling violent crime.

Any and all donations are welcome so dig deep. Ask your good clients to dig deep too and together, we can all contribute to improve safety in this field of work.

To find out more about NUM, visit their website or contact the friendly team here at Vivastreet on es@vivastreet.com who can give you more information on how you can get involved. You can also find out the latest updates about the campaign by following us on @VivaAdult_UK. Don’t forget to use @VivaAdult_UK and @NationalUglyMug when you tweet about this. Spread the word!

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