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Top Three Style and Beauty Tips for Asian and Indian Escorts in London

Asian and Indian escorts are becoming increasingly popular in London for a number of reasons. For some clients, they signify an exotic escape from reality – an opportunity to fulfil a fantasy or try something new.  For others, they may mean being able to get the fun or companionship that’s lacking in their own relationships.

Whatever the reason, as an Indian or Asian escort in London, you have a unique appeal and can really use it to your advantage.

You might go about your day-to-day business as a barefaced beauty in traditional clothes or a modern hipster in skinny jeans, but when it comes to escorting, you can boost your income by cashing in on your natural assets and your client’s preconceived stereotype.

Here are the top three assets you should make the most of:


It goes without saying that while your clients want to enjoy your natural Asian or Indian look, they’re likely to have slightly unrealistic ideas about what your naked body is like. If like many Indian women, you have some dark body hair, then it pays to get it removed for a super smooth, super sexy appeal.

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There are loads of salons in and across London that offer a professional and discreet service. Waxing, threading and even laser removal can all be used, if you feel like it is necessary.

It’s wise to leave 24-48 hours between any sort of hair removal and client appointment to make sure that any redness, pimpling or irritation has subsided and you’re free to oil or perfume your skin for a healthy glow and intoxicating fragrance.


Any escort who’s serious about earning the best rates knows that appearance matters. Your clients, particularly those who are unfamiliar with real Indian and Asian women, will have certain expectations about your body based on the images they see online or in other media.

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In most cases this means that they expect you to be petite with a curvaceous bust or bottom and although women come in all shapes and sizes, being healthy, having toned skin and lots of energy will help you to build a loyal client base that keeps coming back for more.

However, if you really want to fulfil a fantasy, then treating your clients to a display of yoga or giving them an intimate tantric experience is a great way to make your service unique and earn considerably more money.


A major part of your appeal is the way you dress. Although your clients are ultimately interested in what lies beneath your clothes, part of their intrigue and interest in you comes from being able to unravel you or watch you reveal yourself from layers of beautiful fabrics. It’s feminine, exotic and exciting.

If you don’t wear traditional clothes often, then practice dressing and undressing in private before putting on a show for a client. This will help avoid any mishaps!

Indian and Asian escorts in London are spoilt for choice when it comes to saris, salwar kameez, ghagra cholis, kimonos and sexy, silk cheongsams so invest in quality fabrics in beautiful colours and don’t forget to choose underwear that compliments your clothes for a pretty, polished look.

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What are your experiences of working as an Asian or Indian escort in London? Feel free to share your tips or advice on offering an authentic, client-pleasing experience in the comments right here in the Vivastreet After Dark blog!

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