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Summer essentials and extravagances for your garden

There is no better place to enjoy the kinder British climate than from your spring garden, where you can enjoy easy access to the fridge, entertain guests, play your own music, and perhaps most importantly – you haven’t got far to run when the downpour inevitably arrives.

Here at Vivastreet we believe in both the essential and the extravagant, so here is a rundown of garden accessories you might need, or simply fancy, for the garden:

Stihl HS 80 petrol hedge trimmer

trimmer second hand

Get those hedges in order! The perimeter of your garden, and often your property, is commonly marked by hedges, and now is the time to make sure they are neat and tidy. If you haven’t had a good hedge trimming session in a while, you might be surprised how enjoyable it can be – never more so than with the Stihl HS 80, which is popular with professional and domestic gardeners alike.

Glow in the dark fairy stakes

fairy garden stakes

Kids love the great outdoors, and the summer is a chance to get them out of the house, out of your hair, and into the garden for some fresh air. Once it goes dark, they might not be happy about having to come inside, but watch their faces light up when they notice glow in the dark fairy stakes that can give your garden a magical look after hours.

Pressure washer

Pressure washer

Is it possible to get your patio and garden furniture clean? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’ – you just need the tools to do it. Use a pressure washer, available from leading manufacturers such as Black and Decker, and watch your patio or wooden decking gleam with approval. They are particularly useful for the barbecue clean up process, which can prove a tough job the day after the night before.

Jungle Gym climbing frame

Jungle Gym climbing frame

Even if you don’t have a lot of space, a climbing frame such as the brilliant designs from Jungle Gym can prove a shrewd investment. Consider how much they decrease the chances of a broken window from a football, or some other form of kids’ activity which may not be suitable for a garden the size of yours.

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