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Swingers UK: Swinging Makes it to Mainstream on Vice

Most of the time, the swinging lifestyle is considered to be a fringe hobby performed by some fairly kinky people, but it is becoming more and more a part of the mainstream consciousness. This is only proven by the fact that mainstream publication; Vice has published an article that includes a first hand account of a UK couple who went to a swingers club! While Vice is known for producing articles that tend to highlight things that people find a bit strange, it is definitely considered something that will be read by a lot of people, so attention to all UK Swingers: Vice is blowing up your spot!

They decided to go late one night after partying with a group of friends. They showed up to the joint at 3am. The author’s girlfriend had been to a swinger party a few years before and found it quite fun, and she had asked the author if he wanted to go to one, but he hadn’t really made the choice for a while. This evening seemed perfect for some reason, so they broke off from their group of friends and headed to the event. They arrived at a swanky mansion and were greeted by a glamorously dressed woman. They paid the modest entrance fee and were soon enveloped in a new world.

There was a naked dance room, a pool, bedrooms, a movie theater and a terrace which was the evening’s relaxation zone. The couple was a little wide eyed at the overwhelming event, but soon they went into one of the bedrooms and started playing. They just made out in a corner until some other people came over to play with them. Soon they were embroiled in the party, and fully into the play. They hardly ever had conversations with any of the people they had sex with, as they were just enjoying the amazing party. One thing the couple noted after their sex party experience was that they found people of every shape and size there, and they felt attracted to them, because everyone was so confident and fancy free. In addition, they felt amazed that they could make such a sexual connection with people who were really complete strangers, having never even exchanged names with them really!

You could be just like this couple, if you’ve been thinking of trying out the swinging lifestyle. It can help you gain confidence, because having strangers attracted to you will make you feel good about yourself. It can also help your relationship by strengthening the bonds between you and your partner. Haven’t you always wanted to have the freedom to fuck strangers?

With swinging in the UK, you can get this freedom. Now that it is being covered in more mainstream publications, it’s really not taboo, as it used to be in the 70’s when it first came to the surface. Back then everyone thought that swingers were strange and kinky, but now most people know the truth: swingers are just acting out their biological urges safely and consensually, and they’re having a ton of fun! Everyone knows what swinging is, and you can actually be proud to be part of such a vibrant and fun lifestyle! Perhaps someday you, too, would feel compelled to share your own story to help other new people get into the lifestyle.

If you want to try swinging, use the VivaStreet Swinger Personals to find a person or group to try it out with. Swinging is a great lifestyle and if you think you would like it, the only thing you have to do is give it a whirl.

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