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Swinging: A Lifestyle Choice Or A Biological Imperative?

When you’re in a committed relationship, everyone knows it’s not common for the eye to stray. There are tons of attractive people in the world, and it can be fun to browse, but for most people in relationships, that’s where the extramarital excursions end. However, one lifestyle brings to light a way that people can remain in committed relationships while still satisfying that little itch that many acquire when they’ve been with the same partner for a long time.

It’s known as swinging and it can look like many different things. Some people like to attend relatively public swinger sex parties, where they can meet other like-minded people for sexy fun. Others just enjoy swapping partners with other couples who they know and like. Still others have whole groups of friends come over for raucous group sex sessions. For many, this is considered a fun lifestyle choice, but according to some, it may actually be a biological imperative!

When you consider the natural world around us, there are not many other types of beings, besides humans, who engage in exclusively monogamous, life long relationships. This is because, from an evolutionary perspective, monogamy is not particularly helpful in propagating a species. Most creatures seek to have multiple partners in their lifetimes so that they can have a wide variety of offspring that will live to be healthy and strong adults, and lead to a genetically diverse population, which means the species as a whole won’t easily succumb to disease.

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While swingers aren’t exactly thinking about procreation, this biological theory does explain the urge to swing. Marriage and monogamy are arguably social constructs imposed on society by various religions long ago, as they sought to control large groups of people — and in order to control people — you must control their sexuality. Because of that, different forms of infidelity are very common in our monogamy based society.

Almost everyone watches porn, whether or not they are in a relationship or not, and many people enjoy visiting strip clubs to watch beautiful girls dance. While this is not technically cheating, it does show that people like to at the very least look at people besides their partners. Cheating takes that desire to an extreme, in which the shame that society has attached to extramarital sexual relationships takes over and causes people to lie to their trusted partners. There’s really no need for that, as swinging also takes these extracurricular desires one important step further, because unlike cheaters, swingers are open and honest with their partners about their sexual desires and exploits.

If you go by the theory that swinging and various forms of non-monogamy are simply a biological imperative, then it becomes a concept that only makes more and more sense! Why should people live out their days, feeling tension and fear that they can’t have what they want, when they can absolutely get what they want: the only thing you have to do is ask for it?

In this day and age, swinging is definitely considered more of a lifestyle choice, but if more people considered the biological perspective, perhaps more would be open to this lifestyle that is quite fulfilling and fun for those involved in it. Swinger communities are full of open-minded people who feel fulfilled by exploring this biological urge, and you could join them!

If you’re curious about swinging, check out the swingers personals category right here on Vivastreet. There you can find like-minded individuals who are either as curious about swinging as you are, or perhaps you could meet someone a bit more experienced who can show you the way. It’s also a great place for established swingers to meet other couples and find out about XXX group events to attend.

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