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Should you tell your family about working as an escort?

So you’ve decided to work as an escort, are enjoying the income and the freedom and are wondering whether you should tell your family about your new occupation.

There are real pros and cons to stepping out of the escorting closet and making that decision requires some careful thought.

Here are a few pointers to help you figure out what’s the best thing for you to do:

Why should you tell them?

Most escorts’ lead a sort of double life but not everyone is cut out for it. It can be hard having a secret job. When your parents ask you how work is going, what you do, what the salary is like or whether there are chances for promotion – what do you say?

If lying to your family about your occupation is causing you stress or misery, then you either have to suck it up, be brave and tell them, or quit.

Telling your family can be a huge relief, but it’s likely that they’ll have lots of questions or opinions about it. If you decide to be honest about escorting, brace yourself for some awkward conversations or atmospheres.

Who do you tell?

Would your mum or your sister be more understanding than your dad or your brother? Do you have strong enough relationships with one or two family members that you could confide in, who wouldn’t share your secret with anyone else?

Making the decision to tell your family doesn’t mean informing every cousin-once-removed. Be selective about who you open up to.

How much do you tell?

You need to take into account your family’s feelings before you confess all.

Your parents bounced you on their knees, helped you with your homework and had dreams for who you might grow up to be. You can bet that they never had aspirations for you to be an escort, but they probably did have aspirations for you to be confident and happy.

If you know that revealing your escorting occupation will cause them sleepless nights and untold amounts of angst, then be careful with how much you reveal.

Strictly speaking, escorts sell their time and nothing more so stress this point.

As an escort, you already know how to be discreet and tactful so use those skills on your family. You don’t need to explain that chancers’ send you pictures of their genitals or that they ask you for sex.

You can tell them that you work as a professional companion. By knowing that clients take you to corporate events or out for dinner, your family might find your profession easier to accept.

If you choose not to tell your family…

Although leading a double life can be tricky, it’s manageable as long as you’re smart about how you work.

It might cost you a train fare or the price of petrol to work in another city, but that cost is worth it when it greatly reduces your chances of accepting a booking from your dad’s boss or your mum’s neighbour.

Always use a pseudonym and leave any incriminating information or images out of your online ad.

Make leading a double life easier by creating a profession that could be described as similar(ish) to escorting. You can say you work in events management, hospitality or as a chaperone, or you could actually get qualified as a professional masseuse.

Ultimately it boils down to how tolerant or liberal they are and how much they trust your judgement.

Have some advice or an experience about telling your family you want to share? Then feel free to tell us about it in the comments section of the Vivastreet adult blog.

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