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The advantages of flatsharing

There are many advantages to flatsharing, especially in expensive cities like London. But if you’re still not convinced, check out our top five reasons to flatshare.

1. Save money

Save money

The main advantage of flatsharing is the financial savings involved. The cost of renting and running a house can be extremely high, so choosing to rent a room in a flatshare in London is a much cheaper alternative, as you can split the rent between two, three or more people!

2. Meet new people

Meet new people

If you’re new to an area, living in a flatshare gives you the perfect opportunity to meet new people. Your flatmates will be able to show you around and are bound to invite their friends over – meaning that you get introduced to a new circle of people.

3. Live with friends

Live with friends

Alternatively, if you and a group of friends are planning on moving to the same area, you could cut costs by living together. What can be more fun than flatsharing with your best friends in one of the most exciting cities on Earth?

4. Share the housework

Share housework
If you live alone, all the household chores fall to you. However, living with flatmates means you have other people to share the burden with. Everyone does their bit to keep the house looking tidy, so you don’t have to do it all alone.

5. Advice


If you’ve had a terrible day at work, an argument with your partner or you just feel a bit down, your flatmates are always around to listen to your problems and cheer you up. They can be a great source of advice and help.

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