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The Part-time Escort’s Guide to Being Safe and Successful

The part-time escort's guide to success -  Vivastreet Blog

Working part-time as an escort can be great fun and very profitable, but unlike full-time workers, you don’t get some of the safety perks. With less time and opportunity to screen clients or build relationships and earn regular, reliable bookings, you need to work a little smarter to be safe and successful.

By taking steps to protect and promote your service, you not only save yourself the distress of dealing with an upsetting or threatening situation, but make sure that you’re fit and well to carry on working and make the most of the escorting hours you do have.

Here’s a few tips to help you escort safely and make your part-time work, profitable:

Manage Your Time

If you want to work as a successful part-time escort then you need to manage your time as though you were running a regular business.

Set aside time each week for admin tasks: for checking your messages, returning calls, contacting clients and scheduling any beauty appointments. Being organised makes it easy to take care of all those things that help you be successful, leaving you free to actually work during the escorting hours that suit you.

Create an Alias

Working safely means protecting your real identity. Sometimes, your success as an escort can lead to clients becoming infatuated or developing attachments to you. Keep your relationships with them strictly professional.

Create a fake name and life story if you feel the need to, but never tell clients your real name, your address, or your place of work if you have a regular day job. If you decide to quit a troublesome client or the profession altogether, having an alias makes it easy to just walk away.

Promote Yourself Carefully

Create an online profile and take the time to make it stand out from the crowd. Use flattering images and talk confidently about the service you provide.

Your clients don’t need to know that you only work part-time or your reasons for doing so. If you can’t return their calls or messages promptly, tell them that it’s because you have a lot of clients, not because you’re at university or looking after children most of the time.

Use an Online Escort Service Provider

Using a reputable online service provider like Vivastreet gives you more freedom than working for an agency. When you work independently, you have full control over your workload and can pick your hours and clients to suit you.

Our service gives you the space and flexibility to create a great profile with images which you can update, along with your availability, anytime you need to.

When you advertise on Vivastreet, you get the benefit of the free Viva Protect Service too. This forwards your client’s calls and messages directly to you without revealing your contact details to them, which helps to protect your identity.

Meeting Clients

Insist that clients, especially ones you’re meeting for the first time, meet you in a public place, and politely decline the offer of a lift. Make your own way to each appointment so you’re not reliant on your client in any way.

Meet in a gallery or café to break the ice and assess whether they’re genuine, or use a hotel where you can easily call for help if you need it.

If a client won’t meet you in a place of your choice, refuse to meet them at all.

Get Payment in Advance

Avoid the stress and hassle of dealing with a client who refuses, or turns out to be unable to pay you your fee, by taking payment in advance.

Most escorts ask for cash, which suits most clients because it’s more discreet than paying by PayPal or bank transfer.

Ask them to put it in an envelope and leave it for you somewhere, such as a reception desk in a hotel or in a bathroom, and check it’s all there before you start your appointment.

Being paid at the start means you can relax and be a good escort without niggling anxieties about getting ripped off later.

If a client refuses to pay you upfront, it signals a lack of respect and you should make your excuses and leave.

Escape Plan

Unfortunately, meeting people you don’t know can make you vulnerable to a theft or assault. Watch out for behaviour that indicates a client is not safe.

Be wary of those who are drunk or high or who try to ply you with drugs or alcohol. In the heat of the moment, these clients can quickly pass a tipping point and lose control of themselves and behave in unacceptable ways.

Keeping a clear head is one of the best ways to stay safe and alert for the possibility of a threatening situation.

Always plan ahead and think what you will do if a situation turns ugly.

When you arrive in a new place take a moment to check where the exits are and familiarise yourself with the quickest route out.

If someone is offensive or seems aggressive, make your excuses to visit the bathroom and just sneak away.
Arrange for a friend to call you at a set time and if things aren’t going well, you can pretend there’s an emergency.

If you’d prefer your family and friends didn’t know where you were, you can buddy up with another escort or download a ‘Fake Call’ App for your phone which you can schedule to call you at a certain time.

Always charge your phone before going to an appointment. If you need to call or text for help or find the number of a taxi firm to get home, you can. Buying one just for escorting will also help to protect your real identity and keep your personal and professional life separate.

If you decide to quit an appointment because of a client’s aggression, leave the money they paid you behind. It’s never worth inflaming a situation by walking away with the cash which they would argue, paid for a service you haven’t fully provided, even if that’s not your fault.

In most cases, it comes down to trusting your instinct. If something feels wrong, if a client is somehow creepy or makes you feel uneasy, trust your feelings and leave. The most important thing is that you stay safe.

If you become physically threatened, never attack your client and risk being overpowered. If you’re worried that you will ever need to wrestle free from someone’s grip, you can learn some useful self-defence tips from online tutorials or enrol in a local martial arts class.

Be Selective

If you only plan on working part-time, take care to be selective with your clients and use your limited availability to your advantage. Charge a higher fee than other escorts and market yourself as a woman who is in high demand.
Clients who are willing to pay more are generally speaking, less likely to turn out to be a problem.

If you have any other tips or advice for working as a successful and safe part-time escort, share them with us right here in the adult, Vivastreet community.

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