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The Practical Guide to Becoming a Great Escort

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The Practical Guide to Becoming a Great Escort

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably made the decision to become a professional escort already.
If not, and you want some advice on whether or not the profession is right for you, read our guide on Things to Consider Before Becoming an Escort.
If you are ready, then these practical tips will help you on your way to becoming a great escort.
Let’s get started …

The First Rule is to Make Your Own Rules

Before you do anything, you need to decide what kind of escort service you want to provide.
Do you want to be booked by men, women, or couples? It’s crucial to be clear on what you will and won’t do, before you start.
Think about what level of intimacy, if any, you’re willing to offer.
If you accept a booking to accompany someone to an event, it’s possible that you’ll be propositioned for sex – so be prepared.
Being clear on your rules in advance will help you spend time with clients in a way that you both find satisfying.
If you do decide to become physical, always carry condoms and get regular checks at the sexual health clinic.
You’re becoming your own boss and like any professional person, you’ll find that there are a lot of escorts out there competing for business alongside you. Don’t let that tempt you into offering your time for less than it’s worth. Make your rules, set a price for your time – and then stick to it.

Respect Yourself

There are risks to being an escort and you’re probably already aware that not everyone you meet will be a ‘nice’
But remember – knowing that there are risks doesn’t mean you have to accept bad behaviour from your clients.
No matter how much they’re paying you, don’t be afraid to say no to offers of drinks, drugs, or anything else that you don’t want to do.

Respect your customers

People from all backgrounds hire escorts for all sorts of reasons.
Your role is to offer them good, non-judgemental companionship and put them at ease.
Treating your clients respectfully is the best way to earn a reputation as a reliable, friendly, professional escort – and earn you regular bookings at the same time.

Get the right attitude

The greatest perk of being an escort is spending time with a variety of men without making a personal commitment to any of them.
If you’re looking for a knight or a ring, you’re setting yourself up for a disappointment. And this goes for your clients too – when two people enjoy spending time together, it’s natural that thoughts can stray from the professional to the personal.
Having the right attitude will stop this becoming a problem.
If a client does develop a crush on you, you can reaffirm your rules, refuse to accept bookings with them in future, or, you could offer them exclusivity and refuse to see any clients apart from them.
Think carefully about agreeing to this sort of arrangement and set a high price for their privilege if you do.

Safety Plans

Decide how you’re going to keep yourself safe.
It’s always best to be discreet when working as an escort, for your sake and your clients – so no Facebook status about the latest booking you receive!
Still, there are ethical ways to market yourself and your escorting activities on social media.
If you’re worried about meeting strangers and don’t want to tell your friends or family where you are, why not buddy up with another escort?
Plenty of girls use buddying as a means of keeping someone informed of their whereabouts, just in case they run into any problems.
To find a buddy, simply search for escorts in your area and drop them a line; like you, they’re nice, friendly girls who are just looking to escort safely.
Discretion and privacy are key.
If you want to keep your professional and personal lives separate, get a cheap sim and a separate email address for contacting your clients.
Don’t give out your real name or address and keep your face or any identifying features out of your profile description and photographs … it’s amazing how many escorts and clients cover their face, only to have a separate photo of themselves hanging on the wall in the background.


Once you’ve covered all of the above; you’re ready to get your business started. And that begins with creating a strong profile.
Always use a reputable online provider. You can upload an ad right here on Vivastreet.
The secret to success is to make your profile appeal to a wide audience; the shy guy, the busy businessman, and so on – so put as much info in your ad as you can.
Use flattering photos that show off your best assets and tell clients about your interests or talents.
The more eyes your profile can catch, the more bookings you can expect to receive.


If you have other commitments and can only see clients on Saturdays, make sure you’re clear about your availability in your ad.
However, if you want to really make money, it’s best to be as flexible as possible.
Your clients are likely to come from all walks of life and that means being available at different times of day.
Most escorts offer ‘in-call’ or ‘out-call’ visits.
In-calls are for clients who visit you at a place of your choice – be very wary of inviting people into your home.
Out-calls are for clients who want you to travel to a location of their choice; don’t forget to charge them for travel expenses.

Faking It

Believe it or not, your first client is likely to be more nervous than you are.
None of your customers need to know you’re new to the profession – so fake it.
Appearing confident will help you to establish that you are in charge and put your clients at ease.
They will of course explain what they want from you, but showing some authority will earn you respect and get your relationship off to the best start.

Dress to Impress

Like anyone embarking on a business venture, you’ve got to spend money to make money.
Splash a little cash on yourself; it pays to pay attention to your appearance.
You don’t need to be a model … but respect your body, get your hair and nails done and invest in clothes you feel confident in that flatter your body shape.

Time to Get Paid …

Now you’re set to succeed, train yourself on the art of getting paid with another of our free escort guides.

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