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The Rules for First Time Escort Dating

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The Rules for First Time Escort Dating

Thinking of booking your first escort but aren’t sure what to expect or how to behave?
Professional escorts know you might be shy or nervous and will be able to put you at ease.
But to make their job easy and your first meeting a roaring success, check out the rules before making the call:

Do your homework

Every escort is different.
Don’t just look at the pictures, read their ads carefully.
They detail what kind of companionship the escort is willing to offer you, how much it will cost and how you’ll be expected to pay.
These things are non-negotiable so don’t insult her by offering a cheque if her ad stipulates cash and never, ever haggle.
If there’s anything in her ad you don’t like or isn’t offered, find another escort more suited.

Making contact

When you contact an escort, keep it clean and take the time to make sure you’ve spelt it correctly.
It’s a small detail, but escorts receive hundreds of messages from potential clients and will not be impressed by smut or txt spk.
When you’ve sent your message, be patient.
Escorts are busy and may not get back to you straightaway.
Give them time and if you have questions that aren’t answered by their ad, ask before you commit to booking; waiting until the escort arrives will put you both in an awkward position and get your meeting off to a bad start.

Don’t ask for photographs

The pictures in their ad should be enough for you to work out whether the escort is the type of person you’re looking for.
Escorts have to cope with a lot of men seeking titillation and nothing more. Don’t waste their time by asking for naked photographs or trying to impress one by sending naked images of yourself.

Never book an appointment for anyone other than yourself

If an escort agrees to meet you and arrives to find you and a friend or your girlfriend waiting for her, she won’t hang around to find out what you want.
Be honest when you’re booking.
Sometimes, escorts will highlight on their profile that they are interested in meeting multiple people at once. If this is the case, then enquire about it in the booking stage – don’t just surprise her on the date.

Show up on time, be clean and never arrive under the influence of drink or drugs

Your escort will have made the effort to arrive looking fresh, attractive and in a fit state to spend some quality time with you.
You might be paying them to do so but be respectful and show them the same courtesy (it feels good to be at your best for them anyway).
They accept that you might be nervous and will have a drink or two for courage, but there is a line between being relaxed and being inebriated – don’t cross it.

Give Instructions … politely

Don’t be shy, you’re paying an escort for her time and she’ll expect instructions from you about how you’d like to spend it.
Be honest, they hear all sorts of requests and you’re unlikely to shock.
If the escort does disagree with you, then she’ll let you know and explain why. No harm done.

Use a reputable escort provider

This helps to protect you, and them, from being ripped off or having a disappointing experience.
Remember that for the escort, meeting men, women or couples they don’t know can be a risky business. They will want to make arrangements, such as meeting at a hotel or giving you a false name that helps to keep them safe.
Discretion is as valuable to you as it is to them.
So, now you know what to do, you can find your perfect escort among hundreds of beautiful women advertising right here on Vivastreet.

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