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Things to check when buying a second hand iPhone

Either you’ve had that slow motion moment where you’ve watched your shiny smartphone descend from your hand and smash beyond repair or you’re constantly finding too much month left after your money. Whatever the reason for you buying a second hand iPhone, this VivaStreet guide will give you a few tips on what to check out for.


Firstly, it is important to know if the second hand iPhone you’re planning to purchase is unlocked so that you can use it on your network. If not, it could lead to additional expense in attempting to get it unlocked and ready for your use.


You don’t want to go from potentially having a broken iPhone 6 to buying a second hand iPhone 6 that is damaged and going to lead to more problems for you. As it’s second hand, you should expect some scratches but not to excess. Ideally, purchase a second hand iPhone that has had a screen protector fitted and generally ensure it’s in good condition. Water damage is a key factor to look out for.


Damage can be caused by the usage of the second hand iPhone. Avoid buying an iPhone that has been used for an excessive period and steer towards a relatively fresh second hand version for the best performance.


Unfortunately, some second hand iPhones will end up in people’s hands as stolen goods. Now you don’t want to get in trouble just after you’ve got settled and are pleased with your purchase. To avoid this, you will need to contact the seller and make sure they have disabled the activation lock. If they do not do this or fail to respond, steer clear!

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