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Five of the Most Unusual Things that Clients Ask Escorts For…

If you work in a bank, then you and your customers know how to behave. If you work in a hospital, then you and your patients know what is, and isn’t acceptable behaviour. But when you work as an escort how do you know what’s ‘normal’?

The more clients you meet, the more likely you are to receive a request for something a little bit… odd.

Here’s a quick rundown of just 5 of the most unusual things that clients ask escorts for:

Talk Dirty

Some client’s book escorts because they’re sexually inexperienced and their lack of confidence prevents them from getting any. Experience, that is.

You might be asked to just sit and talk about what turns you on and give tips on what they should and shouldn’t do once they actually get the opportunity for some quality naked time.

If you’re comfortable with doing this then it’s really easy money and will give you the feel-good factor.

Just think, some unsuspecting woman might get the satisfying sex she actually wants all because of your epic instructions. For bonus points, let him take notes for no extra charge.

Dominate Me

This request crops up quite often, making it, in reality, not an unusual request at all. Unless, of course, you don’t state in your ad that you offer this sort of service.

If domination is not your thing then don’t judge, just nicely redirect them to an escort that offers that service, there are plenty out there.

Put on a Show

Escorts get confused with all sorts of other adult workers. For some reason, clients assume that as a professional companion, you’re also a prostitute, stripper and erotic dancer.

It’s quite flattering really, whoever makes this request has obviously seen something they like in your online profile and wants to see more.

How much you show them is totally up to you, but if you ever have a hunch that a request, for one thing, will lead to another, then be very clear with your client before you meet on what exactly is, and isn’t going to happen.

Be a Third Wheel

Just when you thought you’d heard it all, along comes a new client who, despite the fact you don’t offer a couples service, wants you to meet up with him and his wife/girlfriend/best friend or family member.

Sometimes, clients just want you to flirt with them in a bar to make their other-half jealous.

If you get one of these requests and decide to turn it down, be polite and a little grateful that they didn’t just all turn up at your booking for one. Awkward, and not that unusual either, unfortunately.

Dictate your Footwear

Shoes are sexy and some men just can’t get enough. Even the most straightforward bookings might come with a request that you wear high heels, patent shoes or thigh high boots.

If you don’t already own them, start your appointment by getting your client to take you shopping. That way you get a new pair of shoes and they get exactly what they want.

What’s been your weirdest request? We love a good tale so share them in the comments and we’ll include the best ones in a future post about the other, unusual things that your most daring, cheeky and naughty clients ask for!

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