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Unusual Reqests and How to Deal with Them

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Escorting is often by necessity, a discreet profession, but because you provide a confidential, understated service, some clients will ask things of you that they wouldn’t normally risk asking anyone else.

When someone books you as an escort, they are paying for your companionship and nothing more, but what do you do when faced with an unusual request on how to spend that time?

A few escorts told us about their odd experiences and how they dealt with them:

Dressing Up

For many clients, an escort is a fantasy figure. Some want to expand that fantasy by getting you to dress up. One escort told us:

“My client is a young man who loves Star Wars and he likes me to dress up as Princess Leia in the gold bikini. Believe it or not, he’s not the first guy who’s asked. So I do and it’s fun! My only condition is that he isn’t allowed to tie me up. I’m not stupid.”

If someone wants you to dress up, get them to be specific about the clothes and what happens once you’re in them, before you agree to it.


Some clients aren’t satisfied by your company alone; they want to feel like they’re getting value for money. One escort told us:

“One of my regulars books me because I have a Masters degree in history. He likes me to talk to him about World War II while I clean his house. He seems quite shy but I think he has a secret desire to dominate. Maybe making me clean his bathroom while discussing the war effort makes him feel like the boss?

Whatever is it, he pays me £150 an hour to give my brain and body a workout, I wish I had more clients like him!”

Doing chores for a client is quite common. Another escort told us that she even mows someone’s lawn once a month.


Some clients seek the womanly ideal, the caring, soothing motherly touch. One experienced escort told us:

“I see one guy once a fortnight who likes to be mothered. I know it’s odd, I found it really weird at first but now I’m used to it. I read him stories, stroke his head while he sucks his thumb and feed him his lunch. It’s harmless enough.”

For whatever reason, some people just needs a little TLC and if you’re prepared to give it, you can be very well paid to provide a little “mothering.”

Paint You

Much like some men crave the company of the ideal woman, some have a real thing for the female form. As one escort told us:

“I once had a client who wanted to paint me, that’s it. I had to pose naked and let him draw or paint pictures of me. It was quite exciting to be honest.

But after a while he wanted to take photos or make a video instead and that’s where I drew the line. I’ve heard of escorts finding their pictures on the internet and I didn’t want to be one of them, I like to keep a low profile.”

Photographs and videos are some of the most common requests clients make. If you decide to let a client do this, it’s wise to hide your face or any identifying features and make a deal that you can check the footage and delete anything you’re unhappy with before you part company.

These are just a few examples of the unusual requests escorts receive.

The best advice is to be clear about exactly what kind of companionship a client wants when they make a booking and then charge them for the privilege of satisfying their unusual requests.

If you’ve had any odd requests, or have any tips for dealing with them, feel free to share your experiences in the comments section. We love to hear from our Vivastreet members!

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