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Unwanted Christmas Gifts? Don’t let them go to waste.

After the long Christmas holidays, it’s time to deal with your unwanted Christmas gifts. Christmas day must had brought cheer to those who got the presents they wanted, but not everyone would have been happy with their gifts. What should you do with the unwanted Christmas gifts? Retuning items to get cash is usually the best way to deal with unwanted presents however you might be embarrassed to ask for it.

So if you can’t take it back, here are the options: sell it, swap it or give it away.

Sell it

One person’s trash is another’s treasure. It might make more sense to make some cash and clear some space in your house. You can easily find someone willing to pay to take it off your hands. To sell you items online, Vivastreet offers  free listings with local selling. By posting your ad on Vivastreet, you won’t be selling to a huge market and will have to choose a price first.

Swap it

Again, one person’s trash is another’s treasure. Vivastreet also offer up unwanted gifts on the site, which matches those with things to get rid of with people who want them. It works best in local regions where there is a higher chance of finding someone local who wants exactly what you’re offering.

Give it

If you want to continue the season of good will, another way to deal with your unwanted gifts and help a good cause at the same time is to donate them to a local charity shop. You can find charity shops such as Oxfam, BreastCancerCare and so on in  your local area.  All you need to do is drop the items off at the charity shop. One thing to bear in mind – all donations must be clean, useable and of saleable quality. The better the quality of your items, the more money charity can raise from their sale.


There’s no way to let your unwanted gifts gather dust this year. With a little effort you can make some extra cash, swap the gifts for something you want, or make a generous donation to your local charity shops!

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