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Vivastreet Raised £1050 For NUM


Ugly Mugs

We would like to thank all the participants who took part in the Vivastreet’s bidding competition organised to raise funds for National Ugly Mugs.

We would like congratulate our highest bidders – Amy and All Stars Escorts Agency, who together donated £550 in total in their local regions.  It’s wonderful to know that we have some generous members on Vivastreet.

As promised, Vivastreet has donated further £500, raising the sum of donation to £1050! As an escort or masseuse, you’re likely to work one-to-one with clients and you are likely to attract unsavoury types and be more vulnerable to theft or violent crime than someone in a ‘regular’ job. We in Vivastreet would like to think that our fundraising activity has contributed positively to the cause and awareness.

A big thanks to our generous bidders, Amy and All Stars Escort . They will receive the following:

– Top of the range package on Vivastreet. Includes, 30 days: feature, highlight, repost, VIP
– Mention on Vivastreet Blog
– Mention on Adult Vivastreet Twitter
– Featured in the newsletter

For anyone who would like to donate to National Ugly Mugs or want to find out more about their approach, please visit their website. You can also support NUM’s important and invaluable contribution by simply registering your details and becoming a member or follower, and share and promote the organisation via Twitter @NationalUglyMug.

Finally, for more tips on safety, check out the safety tips listed on the Vivastreet Adult blog. Let us all do our parts to improve safety in this field of work.

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