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Tantric Massage – Frequently Asked Questions


Tantric Massage – Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for ways to work independently then becoming a masseuse is a great way to earn an income.

You can find out about some of the most common types of massage worth learning in our guide on how to boost your income with professional massage skills, but, it’s likely that you’ve heard of ‘tantric massage’ too, a less mainstream but very particular and popular kind of hands-on technique.

The human touch is by nature a very soothing and therapeutic thing which means that to a certain extent, absolutely all forms of massage are sensual.

However, it has to be said that there’s a very fine line between a sensual massage and a sexual one and it could be argued that Tantrics come very close to crossing that line.

The following guide will help you understand what tantric massage is, what the benefits of it are and all the legal stuff too:

What is Tantric Massage?

This is perhaps one of the most famous types of sensual massage thanks to celebs like Sting being outspoken about how fantastic it is!

Unlike regular forms of massage which target muscle tension, the tantric approach is far more gentle and holistic.

Tantra originates from India and is rooted in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Although practices have evolved over the millennia, the term ‘tantric’ translates roughly as the art of liberating sensual consciousness through physical energies and touch.

In essence, it’s about stimulating receptors underneath the skin with a featherlight touch, unblocking energy flow and attaining a deep sense of relaxation through meditation and breathing.

It might sound like the sort of thing hippies do but in truth, it’s an incredibly intimate form of massage in which the entire body of the recipient is touched by a masseuse.

As part of this ‘whole-body approach’, attention is paid to the groin and some practitioners include a ‘Lingam’ (penis) and prostate or ‘Yoni’ (vagina) massage, which is incredibly sensual.

Male and female genitals are packed with muscles and blood vessels and massaging them, while very arousing, can improve circulation and sexual health.

Some tantric masseuses also offer a partially or fully naked service. Nudity is in no way mandatory but some clients request it; save your blushes, it is not about titillation! The benefits of skin-to-skin touch are thought to maximise the transfer and energy flow between masseuse and client.

At present, there are no official regulating bodies which can train or certify you as a tantric masseuse, but if you want to master the techniques there are some great online tutorials which will teach you the basics, plus huge amounts of literature on the subject.

What are the benefits of tantric massage?

Tantric massage is said to leave recipients feeling incredibly relaxed, enlightened and in tune with their sensual selves.

The intimacy involved in this type of massage may be particularly beneficial to people who are shy or uncomfortable with their sexuality.

Lots of people have sexual/body confidence issues. Perhaps oppressive or abusive childhood experiences, a disability or just a lack of opportunity prevented them from enjoying the intimate rites of passage most people experience at some time or other.

Tantric massage can help individuals to overcome those issues.

What kind of equipment do I need to provide a tantric massage?

Pretty much any sort of massage can be performed without any specialist equipment. However there are a few things you could invest in to make your job easier.

A massage table isn’t crucial but is well worth getting.

It gives your client a dedicated massage space to relax in and because the table height is adjustable, it means you can reach and work on them without putting pressure on your own back – no masseuse should ever finish a session needing a massage!

Relaxation is very important so it’s also worth using oils to lubricate the skin and prevent dragging, pulling or chaffing. Aromatherapy oils containing lavender, ylang ylang, rosewood and chamomile are all known for their relaxing properties.

You could also use candles, gentle music and nice soft towels to make your client feel totally at ease.

Is it legal to offer a tantric massage?

Yes! But – you do have to make sure your client understands what they’re paying you for.

Because tantra is so sensual, sexual arousal is incredibly common for both men and women. In fact men frequently develop erections during any type of massage and although it’s something of a compliment, in the case of tantrics it’s a particularly good sign.

Let’s be clear though: although arousal is considered to be a healthy side effect of a tantric massage working, it is not the goal.

Unfortunately, this side effect causes many people to confuse tantric massage with a sexual service. It’s not, so to save embarrassment, be clear with your clients about what to expect.

How can I make money from tantric massage?

This all depends on what sort of masseuse service you’re comfortable offering.

If a client asks you to massage them while naked, you can charge them more. Just be sure they understand that touching you is not part of the deal.

If you’re female and offer tantric massages to female clients as well as male, then you’re likely to attract more customers.

Once you have enough experience and skill, you could offer to coach couples to give one another a tantric massage and that way, those seeking a sexual release can learn the arousing techniques of tantra and apply them within their relationships.

Make sure you offer appointments which are long enough for your client to arrive, discuss their preferences, relax and enjoy the massage, and then have time to regroup and dress before they leave.

Once you’ve worked all those things out, you’re ready to write your ad and place it here in the adult Escort and Masseuse section on Vivastreet.

If you have any other questions about working as a masseuse then pop them in the comments section below and the adult team here at Vivastreet will do our best to give you all the information you need.

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