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What to check for when buying a secondhand bike

Buying bikes at retail price is a daunting prospect; the down payment is often a pretty big sum and it is unpleasant, shall we say, to part with it. Buying a secondhand bike allows for a more palatable experience all together: you needn’t visit a warehouse in the middle of nowhere or some other obscure place – it is simply a matter of visiting the previous owner.

There are, however, a few things to look out for.

Are the sellers reputable?

At Vivastreet, we have information available to you to gauge the reliability of the sellers. Have a look at their info, whether they’ve sold things successfully before and then give them a ring. They’re sure to be very nice and will be as eager to chat as you are about the specifications.

Is it right for you?


You might not need a very hi-spec machine if you’re only using it to potter around on; don’t get a fancy road or mountain bike that costs a fortune if it is too expensive and too advanced. Speak to your cycling friends or visit forums and blogs to find recommendations, and work from those.

Does it cycle well?

Being that you will be using this particular item to cycle with, it is very important to make sure that you can, in fact, cycle it. Make sure it’s a smooth ride, doesn’t have any glaring omissions in its construction (breaks, gears, a frame!) and that is feels comfortable to you. The seller will no doubt allow you to take it for a test drive – just don’t go too far afield, as you might worry them with the possibility of theft.

If all of those things seem above board, you’ve got yourself a bike! Vivastreet is the perfect place to start for secondhand bikes in London and across the country, so get the – ahem – wheels in motion today.

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