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What to do When Your Client is Being Out of Order

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When you work as an escort it’s likely that at some point you’ll encounter bad behaviour.
Because you work as an independent escort, you set the rules and only you can decide what is and isn’t acceptable.
Here’s a few tips on preventing or dealing with some of the most common ways that bad clients cross the line:

A Bad Attitude:

Be wary of clients who are overly sarcastic or those who make derogatory comments about you or your profession. You are not a verbal punchbag and while you’re being paid to be a good companion, you don’t have to tolerate a bad attitude.

With care, clients that have a bad attitude can be managed. If they start a rant about escorts or womankind in general, redirect the conversation onto something more positive. Avoid getting into any heated debates and refuse a repeat booking with anyone who you find insulting.

Good clients are complimentary and kind. They book you because they want to spend time in your company and those who offer anything less should be avoided.

Refusing to Pay Your Fee:

Always, always make it clear in your ad or when you take a booking that you expect to be paid at the start of your time, not the end of it. Cheeky clients might refuse but don’t accept this behaviour. If they don’t pay up front, they don’t get the pleasure of your company. End of discussion.

Pushing Their Luck:

When taking a booking, it’s wise to be clear on what kind of companionship you’re willing to offer. To some clients, you represent a challenge and they might push their luck with you more than they’d dare to with a date, simply because they’re paying you to be at their side.

This does not mean that they’re paying for the privilege of being rude.

Clients who push their luck will try and talk you into giving them extra time or a service beyond what was agreed, may ‘surprise’ you by turning up with a partner or friend or may simply lounge around and refuse to leave when your appointment is over.

Don’t tolerate it. What often begins as a bit of simple cheeky charm can quickly develop into more troublesome behaviour.
Be clear on the service you’re offering and stick to it. If they can’t do that, refuse any bookings with them in the future.

Being Heavy-Handed

At no point during any encounter should you feel, or actually be, physically threatened.

Some clients don’t know they’re own strength and may take a playful tickle or slap on the bottom too far. If you’re confident that their intention was not to hurt you, then remind them that you are a woman who appreciates a sensitive touch.

If, however, a client ignores your requests to be gentle or stop a particular behaviour, this is your cue to leave. If need be, yell or scream for help and get assistance to get away safely.

You should never walk away from a client with bruises and if you do, apart from never accepting a booking with them again you should consider reporting them to the police or at least list their details on Time Wasters.

Working as an escort means selling your time, not selling your soul. The law has a duty to protect you, and other women, from heavy-handed or violent men.

As always, being a good escort with good clients means weeding out the ones who are out of order and never taking a booking with them again. Use your judgement, trust your instinct and build a base of clients who know how to be respectful.

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