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Where to sell your unwanted presents online

Christmas presents are great but finding space for new gifts can be difficult. One winning solution is to sell unwanted presents; by doing this it is possible to gain space and make money to spend on something you really want or need.

Traditional methods of selling unwanted gifts

There are a few traditional ways to sell unwanted gifts. These include car boot sales, which can be time-consuming and unpredictable and local newspaper classified adverts, which will only reach a fraction of the numbers that online selling sites achieve.

The advantages to selling online

Selling unwanted presents online is popular. The obvious advantage to online sales is the large and diverse audience that can be reached. Keyword searches offer the opportunity for buyers to immediately find what they are looking for and allow browsing around an area of interest. The other great reason for selling online is that it is possible to find out what other sellers are charging for similar products before making pricing decisions.

There are disadvantages to the more popular online bidding sites

Some online second-hand selling sites have become so large that they have lost the local touch. Large organisations too are more likely to attract scammers or people who are prepared to take advantage. For many, the bidding process of one particular online site is irritating and leaves too much of the selling process to chance.

The advantages of a more personalised online selling site such as VivaStreet are as follows:

• A local-based site can maintain online advantages such as keyword searches, wide customer base and UK-wide reach
• As well as second-hand goods they also offer services such as personal trainers or coaches
• There is no initial cost for the seller

We can recommend selling your unwanted presents online. For a quick, personalised and local sale, contact VivaStreet today.

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