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Why the ‘Dumb’ Escort Stereotype is a Myth

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Why the 'Dumb' Escort Stereotype is a Myth -Vivastreet Blog

There are lots of myths about escorts, most of which are totally unfounded. One of the most prevalent stereotypes is that the men and women who work as professional escorts are dumb.

Everybody says it so it must be true, right?


Need convincing? Then take a quick look at just some of the skills that escorts possess…

Social Skills

Everybody talks, but making meaningful conversation is actually a skill. As a professional companion, an escort relies on the ability to be articulate, informed and interesting.

Those who take their profession seriously do their homework. Reading up on everything from current affairs to the latest fashion trends, good escorts make sure they have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening.

Their ability to talk with confidence on any topic appeals to clients from all walks of life who are tired or bored by the same old conversations they have day in, day out, with their colleagues or families.

Great social skills make escorts incredibly popular, but the 35% or so that hold degree level or higher qualifications or speak more than one language are highly sought after by wealthy clients who pay them handsomely just for a little conversation.

People Skills

Escort work requires a lot of tact, diplomacy, empathy and discretion and the ability to really listen. Many clients seek the companionship of a beautiful woman simply as a confidante.

In today’s frantic rush to meet deadlines, pay bills and be everywhere all at once, people have less time to really listen to one another. Ironically it’s often within their most personal relationships that clients complain of feeling unheard or misunderstood.

Some people pay great sums of money to a counsellor or therapist who will just listen, others seek the sympathetic ear of an escort who can do that, and then accompany them to dinner or crack jokes to make them laugh too.

Entertainment Skills

Lots of clients book escorts when they are visiting a city on business. They want the company of a beautiful woman over dinner or drinks while they explore cities in their downtime between flights or meetings.

In these circumstances, being a good companion means being knowledgeable about the city, about its commerce, its history and the hotspots, galleries, markets or music venues – to name just a few – that are worth visiting.

Business Skills

Part of the myth about escorts being dumb is that their line of work isn’t considered by many as an actual occupation, but it is.

Escorts earn substantial salaries because they take their work seriously and manage it like any other self-employed business manager.

Anyone who is self-employed knows that it takes tenacity to succeed.

For the escort, it requires a lot of motivation, time management, book-keeping and marketing skills to secure clients, followed by the consistent, artful application of all the skills listed above (and then some) to keep them.

On top of that, escorts have to be street smart, well presented and in a great mood, all the time and they manage to do all of that while having the dignity and grace to ignore the negative myths of their profession and quietly get on with business.

If only more people were that ‘dumb.’

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