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Winter cycling survival guide: 10 tips to keep you riding

Just because winter is looming, doesn’t mean to say your bike should go into hibernation. With the right preparation and equipment, winter cycling can be incredibly invigorating. Here are 10 tips to keep you riding this winter.

1. Lights

Arguably, the most important winter cycling accessory, good-working front and back lights are a must-have for safe winter cycling. Even gloomy winter daylight may necessitate the use of bike lights.

2. Mudguard

Mud will splash all over you and your bike without a mudguard, so it’s one of the best investments you can make for your bike this winter.

3. Check tyres

Winter bikes need tyres that can cope with icy, wet conditions, so check the tread, and get tyres upgraded if they’re looking worn.

4. Puncture repair kit

Wet surfaces increase the risk of causing tyre punctures, so learn how to repair a puncture, and take a puncture repair kit with you on winter bike rides.

5. Waterproof clothing

Be prepared for the wind and rain when cycling by wearing protective waterproof clothing, gloves and sturdy boots. For increased visibility, choose reflective clothing.

6. Snack attack

Refuel flagging energy on winter bike rides by always carrying a snack and drink.

7. Waterproof seat cover

There’s nothing worse than sitting on a soggy bike seat, so invest in a waterproof seat cover.

8. Good maintenance

Chains and gears can get clogged up with dirt and mud, so keep them clean and well oiled after winter cycling trips, for optimum performance.

9. Be prepared

Plan your route, take a map and phone and check the weather forecast before heading out on winter bike rides.

10. New bike

Invest in a new bike if your current bike isn’t fit for winter cycling. For all your bike requirements, Vivastreet can keep you riding this winter.

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