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How To Write a Great Advert on Vivastreet

Vivastreet is quickly becoming a leading medium for escort advertising in the UK. Due to their dominance on search engine results and their stellar customer service, more and more escorts are giving Vivastreet a go.

With new escorts joining daily, competition can be fierce. How can you stand out from the crowd and get those phone calls that convert into bookings? The answer is you have to create an advert that attracts the right clients for you. The right clients are those who want what you have to offer and are happy to pay the rate you ask. No one escort can appeal to every potential client: the key is to focus on the ones who will book you, enjoy your services, and return for more bookings.

It’s easy to make a good return on your advertising investment. In almost every case, all you need is one booking a month to cover the cost of your ad.

Catching Their Eye

The first thing you need to do is stand out from the crowd and get the prospective clients to click through and view your entire advert.

Have a look at Vivastreet on both your pc and your phone. (I just opened up to Escorts in Manchester.) Notice how the adverts are displayed. On the desktop version of Vivastreet, the page of adverts displays like so:

Vivastreet landing page
As you can see, there’s a photo, basic age/race/price info, the headline in bold blue, and approximately 180 characters of the description field before it cuts off.

Now look at the way adverts display on the mobile site:

mobile vivastreet adult
This is drastically different. All you see is the headline, and none of the description field.

I think it is safe to assume that a large percentage of Vivastreet browsers are using mobile devices. Judging from the traffic statistics for my website (which I pay to link to my Vivastreet Advert), the mobile site sends me more than twice the traffic of the desktop. Therefore, it is very important to consider both when creating your advert.

You have three main elements to attract the eye and inspire curiosity: your primary photo, your headline, and the opening sentences of your personal description. We can discuss what makes a good photo at another time, but try to select one that is particularly eye-catching from the start.

Bright colours and eye contact (if you show your face) are naturally attractive to the human gaze. The clearer it is as a thumbnail, the more it will inspire interest.

You have forty characters for your headline (of which 25 will display in the VIP carousel should you use that feature.). How do you wish to use it? Try to prioritize what is most important or unique about you. Let’s say that your name is Bambi, you’re touring Heathrow, you’re 26 years old, English, offering incalls, and you are particularly good at/enjoy the kinkier sort of session. If you try to write, New in Heathrow: Bambi 26-year-old sexy English girl offering kinky incalls you will go over by 15 characters and get cut off at offering. So you have to prioritise things a bit. Which things do you most want to get across immediately? That you’re new in town or that you’re kinky? That you’re English? Those are three things that may make you unique and attract interest. Do you really need to tell them that your name is Bambi in the headline? That can be in your personal description. But, clients may find it easier to call you if they know your name. Your age is already displayed by Vivastreet next to your photo, so there is no need to repeat that. For that matter, it may not be necessary to say that you are sexy. Surely that is obvious from your photo and the fact that you offer kinky incalls. And it is also redundant to say that you are a girl.

How about: Bambi: New to Heathrow. English Rose offering kinky incalls. This uses 39 characters. They know you’re English, that you’re kinky, that you offer incalls, and to ask for Bambi when they call. If you are using the VIP carousel, then you may want to switch that around to Bambi: Kinky English Rose New To Heathrow offering incalls. That way your investment in the VIP upgrade will be maximized as they will see Bambi: Kinky English Rose¦

You may also wish to use a little bit of capitalisation of key words. Don’t write the entire thing in ALL CAPS. (I think Vivastreet won’t let you do this, anyway.) But perhaps you want to emphasize one or two especially important words. If I were Bambi I might choose to highlight English.

You will notice that I wasted a couple of characters using punctuation. These are not wasted! It is vital that you use correct spelling and punctuation throughout your marketing. Trust me on this. I have had a look through a lot of other adverts and a high proportion of them are gibberish. All of my clients comment on my profile because it is well-written. All of them also express the desire to avoid girls who seem to be vulnerable or unintelligent. If English is not your native language, you may struggle to write what sounds like natural fluent English. This isn’t necessarily a terrible thing, but using correct punctuation and spelling will go a long way towards making a good impression.

Appeal Those Who Click Through

Grammar and spelling is also very important in your personal description. We all know that a great many men will call without having read it, but the ones who do read every word of your advert are the best sort of clients and you want to invest some time in appealing to them. So, stay on top of your punctuation, spelling and grammar. If your web browser doesn’t already have a plug-in to do that, you can just do a web search for Free online grammar and spelling checker. Pick one of the many options to paste what you write in there and correct anything it flags up.

You can write anything you like in your description, so long as you stay within the Vivastreet rules of not mentioning explicit acts by name (acronyms like OWO or CIM are fine.) I once got edited for saying I do not offer unprotected intercourse. I changed that to I am a health-conscious woman who takes the usual precautions. Bambi, the kinky English rose would probably want to explain what she means by kinky. Is this whips-and-chains or a love for toys and whipped cream? She might want to say something about her in call venue: is it a lovely private apartment close to the motorway junction or a four-star hotel close to the airport? What days and hours is she going to be available? Does Bambi love to dress up in uniforms? If so, which ones does she have?

You can also use this space to sell yourself with some positive language about how awesome you are. I have never been one to go in for I am the sexiest girl you will ever meet and I will make all of your dreams come true. I honestly don’t know if that works on men, but I know that I feel funny saying it. I do feel that I can honestly say that I am friendly, I adore giving oral sex, I appreciate the men who call me, and I respect their time and money. Perhaps my not banging on about how I give the best oral sex in town (how could I possibly know if I did?) sets me apart somewhat.

I also never say that I am classy or high class. It will give the opposite impression! If you are going to say that you are highly educated or went to private school, then you had better damn well sound like it. At most I will say, I am reasonably educated and can converse on just about any topic other than football. A little self-deprecating humor will make you sound friendly and approachable.

Never say anything negative. I often see things like No timewasters! on adverts. This is pointless. Do you honestly think a timewaster will care? Oh, I was going to call her and ask a bunch of daft questions whilst I wank, but she said not to waste her time so I won’t. All it does is make you sound grumpy. They may even wonder what is wrong with you that you’re attracting so many time wasters. You must always present a cheerful front. Good clients want to see escorts who enjoy what they do so smile, ladies!

Finally, you should go ahead and tell them how best to book you. (I like calls and texts and I ignore all emails.) You may require several hours’ notice before a booking or only take same-day bookings. We know they won’t all read this but it’s nice to help out the guys who do as they will be your best clients.

Hopefully, this will get your phone ringing with men eager to book you. But it will also get you some attention from the dreaded Time Waster. In my next blog post, I am going to talk about the best ways to screen calls and deal with the undesirables.

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