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Join Our Twitter Chat


We’re hosting our first live Twitter chat on July 31st about escorting stereotypes and we want you to get involved. 

The chat will start with the big question: 
How/why did you start escorting OR How/why did you enter the Adult industry.

Read our blog for more details about VivaTalks Twitter chat.


Q: Where will it be held?
A: It’ll be on Twitter, you can follow/join the discuss on #vivatalks. Don’t forget to follow us on@VivaAdult_UK for latest updates.

Q: When and what time?
A: July 31st, starts at 11am. It will go on for 30-45 min max. Can’t make it at this time? Don’t worry, join the discussion at your convenience using #vivatalks 

Q: How does it work?
A: We have 3 moderators who will run the Twitter chat. All 3 of them are from the escorting industry.They will shoot questions and have a conversation with you.They’ll also nudge you to invite your followers to join the discussion. 

Q: Why should I join the discussion?
A: If you’re an escort or part of the adult industry, you might have faced some stereotypes yourself, be it your profession, your appearance or the assumption that we can’t do anything better. We’d like to have a casual chat discussing all that whilst trying to understand what people working in the adult industry, especially escorts have to deal with on a regular basis.

Q: What do I have to do?
A: Simply be online on July 31st at 11am on #vivatalks page . Join the conversation by answering to our moderators questions. We’d like it to be interactive so please feel free ask questions yourself. You can also invite your followers by simply mentioning their Twitter name using ‘@’ .

Don’t forget to use #vivatalks in your tweets throughout the discussion.

It’s time to speak out! We hope to see you at #vivatalks

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